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No Taxes

Robert Thibadeau, Ph.D.

This is a short fun book that takes the simple wish for No Taxes and asks if No Taxes might be possible in the Age of the Internet.

No Taxes,  No Taxes  at all.  No Taxes  on Income, Property,  Excise, Schools, Medical Care, Retirement, Sales, nationally or locally.

The answer comes back that yes, it might be possible, and here is one way to do it.

It is a Utopia book written out of intellectual interest by someone who lacks professional credentials to take too seriously.  But the author does have professional credentials to be taken seriously about other things.

If you do have professional credentials in Economics, Government, Accounting, or Political Science, perhaps explore No Taxes and write your own books on the subject of how you would get us all No Taxes   I would like to read your book.  Consider this book shark bait for someone who wants to be the most famous person in the world.  You will be rich and thanked profusely by all the future of mankind.

It was written in 1999, but this edition has a 2018 Forward and is now available through Amazon.  I did discover one other serious book relevant to the topic, written in 1924 which you can read in the free preview below.  However, from what I can tell, nobody else has ever taken the idea of No Taxes seriously enough to explore the possibility in the Age of the Internet.

Please enjoy.